Great Love Debate w/Brian Howie

Great Love Debate w/Brian Howie


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About Great Love Debate w/Brian Howie

BIO - BRIAN HOWIE: Brian Howie is an award-winning director, producer, author & the creator of "How to Find Love in 60 Seconds”. He has been the subject of features on FOX, ABC, CNN, Entertainment Weekly, the New Yorker and Esquire Magazine. He is the host & creator of The Great Love Debate, Time Magazine named him America’s #1 Dating Enthusiast - yet he is still single!

SHOW DESCRIPTION - THE GREAT LOVE DEBATE: The Great Love Debate national tour hits Denver, with guys seated on the left, girls seated on the right, at this wild, feisty, hilarious, interactive debate where the audience, host, and special guests try to answer the question, "Why is everyone still single?”